This is us!  We were married in Duluth, MN January 11, 2003.  Yes it was cold, and yes there was snow...  I guess we have always been adventurous, so maybe that explains it!  15 years and 5 kids later, we wouldn't trade any of it!

We love camping.  No RV's here!  We're talking tents, on the ground, campfire cooking camping! Last year we asked the kids if they wanted to go to Disney or camp in the mountains.  Guess what they said?  Camping baby! 

One of our favorite things while camping is hiking.  This past year we had the privilege to camp in Glacier National Park, and we hiked almost 11 miles round trip one day to Iceberg Lake.  Pretty cool!

We've homeschooled our kids since kindergarten, and Christine is an amazing women working with these 5 kids!  All the kids have cameras and love taking pictures while traveling and putting together their own project from their pictures.

I (Nathan) love reading a good book, watching a good movie(and yes, I think I cry on every Pixar movie!), playing guitar, and of course camping with the family!  One of my favorite things is putting together an album from our latest adventure.  Here's to the good life!  

about us

who we are



Our oldest had the most genuine heart of any 11 year old I know.  He loves editing video projects!


Tyvan is up for anything you throw at him!  He never stops, out eats me, and loves everyone!


Liam is fast!  He is a lot like his mom, with a huge heart.  Super athletic and can play any sport!

the analyst

the adventurer

the quick one


Wyatt is our quite one, until you get to know him.  Then he turns into the goof!  Always joking!

the quite one


And then there was Capri!  Yes, four older brothers.  She will be well protected!

the cutie

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